Travelling with Anxiety

Staying cool, calm and collected

Travelling, as exciting as it is, can bring about stress and anxiety in some. New places and being out of a routine can lead to physical and mental unrest.

Managing this in new environments, and while in transit, can be a real challenge. In answer to this, a Danish company has developed a range of sensory stimulating products that can be taken on the road with you. 

By stimulating the sense of touch through weighted balls, the user can get a feel for the limits of the body and through this feedback to the nervous system a calming effect is created. Many users report a greater sense of wellbeing and experience more positive outcomes in new and stressful environments.

The Protac Kneedme- knee blanket comes in different sizes and weights and is easy to travel with as it has its own handles and folds up. You can use it while sitting on buses, planes and in wheelchairs to help with conditions such as;

Hyperactivity, Restless leg syndrome, Dementia and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and brain injuries.

Users of the product have reported that when using the sensory lap blanket, they feel it calms the body down, particularly fidgeting and spasms of the lower body.

Beyond this, completing different tasks like writing or reading becomes a little easier with an increased sense of calm.

If a more active holiday is calling, or you’re struggling with conditions such as;

  • ADD
  • Autism
  • Spasticity
  • Developmental disorders
  • Deaf/Blindness

The Protac MyFit Vest could be a more appropriate solution as you can move around freely going about all your activities while still gaining the benefits of sensory stimulation.

The vest also comes in different sizes and is suitable for use by children, promoting a sense of calm. Users of the vest have also found that it helps to tone down behaviours that make it difficult to form new social relationships.

It’s also been used in therapy to help train balance and co-ordination.

Many users of the vest have reported that they feel their breathing slows down and it’s easier for them to interact with new people in social environments which is a great benefit when travelling.