How one young boy found a better night sleep

Avant was contacted to help out with the trial of a safety sleeper for a young boy, we sent the product out for a two week trail and here’s what his parent had to say about their experience…

Reuben’s Safety Sleeper Trial was very successful.
We had it for just under 2 weeks.
He warmed to it quickly & enjoyed being inside it immediately. 

The first night’s sleep was great...I was able to zip up the tent/bed & let him settle himself to sleep (this was an added benefit we weren’t anticipating - Reuben settling himself to sleep, which he has NEVER done before, thus also giving us more time with his older brothers.)

We loved knowing he was safe in his darkened, low-stimulus environment: we no longer needed to lock our en-suite door (the en-suite is off Reuben’s room, which is off our bedroom), and didn’t wake him or either of us up, opening & closing the safety gate each time we went through his room to the en-suite. (The safety gate is a tall pool gate which makes a clanging sound every time it opens and closes, which is not conducive to sleep but ensures Reuben is safe & cannot wander around the house at night.)

Each night’s sleep for the trial period was good & we noticed Reuben settled himself back to sleep more, as he was not able to get up & start stacking his books or playing at 4am, or banging on the safety gate at 6am to get up.

So all in all, the trial was a wonderful success. We all got a better quality sleep & we were sad to see the Safety Sleeper go!


Elisa & Carl. (Reuben’s parents)


We’ve heard similar stories from many other families who have trialled and purchased this product, sleep is so important for many reasons however there are many children with conditions that mean a safe and restful night sleep isn’t always easy or possible. 

If you think the safety sleeper might help and you’d like to organise a trial of this product or have any questions please contact us.