Assistive Technology

What is it and do you need it? 

Assistive technology is any product that helps make regular everyday living easier for you. 

It might be a product that modifies regular living utensils but it might also be a whole new product designed to work better for you.

Assistive technology can be highly specialised and expensive like a custom motorised wheelchair but it can also be low risk and low cost. For example the St Germain mouldable spoon and cup holder (link to products), these make for easy grip and handling at meal times.

Essentially assistive technology is an area that’s growing with more and more products becoming available every year.

One assistive technology that’s growing in popularity is sensory items, like the Protac blankets and chairs (link to products) these are being used in homes, and schools to help users stay calm, focused and even sleep better. 

The great thing about these products is that for some individuals they can be claimed under the NDIS low cost/ low risk category. Of course this is dependent on your current plan. If you’re unsure best contact your plan manager or OT for guidance on what’s available to you.

You’ll find loads of assistive technology products on our website, if you have any questions about what products best suit your needs drop us a line.