Tiralo 2

  • What is the Tiralo?

    An amphibious chair

    The Tiralo is a beach chair designed for people with reduced mobility. It rides on the beach or floats on the water, and goes from one to the other without requiring any transformation. It moves smoothly on any type of surface, sand or pebbles, and carries an assisted passenger to the beach, where he or she can have a ride or swim in calm water.

    Simple and practical

    The Tiralo is particularly easy to manoeuvre. A single person can manoeuvre its articulated fork and pull the Tiralo down an access ramp, to the beach and all the way to the sea. The low pressure wheels serve as shock absorbers. Its new design and ergonomics make for extended use and unparalleled comfort. Passengers can be easily installed in the fully reclining one-piece float. The passenger rests comfortably in the canvas chair.

    Reliable and safe

    The Tiralo can be used to bathe individuals weighing up to 130 kg. When bathing, the passenger must be assisted at all times by an able-bodied person who will make sure that safety instructions are followed. It is best to bathe in calm waters and remain in supervised swimming areas. Wearing a life jacket is recommended.

    Ingenious and robust

    Invented and manufactured in our workshops, the Tiralo is particularly resistant:

    • Its aluminium frame does not rust,
    • Its float has rotomoulded plastic armrests,
    • Its low pressure wheels with no bearings do not seize up
    No maintenance is needed. After each use, simply hose down with water and it’s ready to go again!


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