The Safety Sleeper - Standard

  • The Safety Sleeper is a safe, fully enclosed bed system for children and adults with special needs for daily and travel use – giving peace of mind that your loved one is safe & secure. It prevents unattended wandering, promotes healthy sleep habits and reduces visual stimulation.

    The Safety Sleeper is built from durable fire-retardant materials and pressure tested for up to 140 kg. It is designed to hold up against high activity levels and behaviours such as head banging and seizures. In addition, the risk of entrapment is eliminated.

    The Safety Sleeper is available in Australian single and double bed sizes and as such it is spacious enough for an adult. It may be used on a bed base or directly on the floor. The portable frame assembles/disassembles for travel in 5 minutes - no tools required and fits within the provided suitcase.

    All fabric components are machine washable, with the lying surface [coverlet] being easily removable for more regular laundering. Coverlets are also available with optional waterproof lining.

    The Standard model Safety Sleeper includes:

    • One side entry
    • Two coverlets
    • Frame pads

Please contact us to discuss your needs in relation to this product. We want to ensure you are getting exactly what you require.
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