• Designed to enable the user to be raised up either on their back or on their side, this is an uncomplicated, simple-to-use pillow lifter to raise and lower a person in bed.

    The Sit-U-Up pillow lift is operated by low air pressure using the Airflo 12 power source. 


    • Stable and compact
    • Sits on top of the mattress
    • For use on single or double beds
    • Lightweight & portable – separates into two parts
    • Approximately 20 full lifts on a single charge. A recharge recovery time of 1 hour for a further 1 lift. (We recommend 9 hours for a full recharge of the battery)
    • Quilt provides comfort and support
    • Anti-slip pillow holder
    • Smooth inflation/deflation
    • Ideal for promoting independent living
    • Includes the Airflo 12 air compressor unit

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