Sandcruiser® All Terrain Chair – Beach Wheelchair

  • NEW!! Sandcruiser® Aruba Colour Available

    The Sandcruiser® is an All-Terrain Chair AND a Beach Wheelchair. A Beach Wheelchair is primarily designed for beach/ water use, whereas an All-Terrain Chair Sandcruiser® is designed with unique WheelEEZ® polyurethane balloon wheels, allowing the user water access, PLUS a multitude of other terrains (beach, gravel, grass, rural areas, trails, and tracks, etc.). Go Anywhere with Sandcruiser® and enjoy the best of both worlds.

    Let your imagination and the Sandcruiser® All Terrain Chair/ Beach Wheelchair take you to where you have always wanted to go!

    • 3 Year Warranty on Frame
    • 24 Months Warranty on Wheels and Upholstery

Please contact us to discuss your needs in relation to this product. We want to ensure you are getting exactly what you require.
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