S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mat - Bariatric Model

  • This evacuation mattress helps you to safely evacuate people with a larger stature. Up to 400 KG / 881 lbs.

    Due to the sturdy structure of the fabric and two overlapping body flaps, the victim on the mattress retains extra body heat.

    You can use the Bariatric S-CAPEPLUS with several first responders by using the pulling straps on the longitudinal sides, the foot end and the head end, which allows you to evacuate in a controlled manner. Because you need to deal with , it is important that you work in an ergonomic-friendly way. That is why the length of the pulling straps are so long that you can stand upright when pulling, which is good for your back and limbs.

    When you need to evacuate a larger-sized individual, you cannot do this alone. You need help from other responders. The Bariatric S-CAPEPLUS is designed in such a way that you can operate the evacuation mat with multiple colleagues. This is beneficial during a horizontal and vertical evacuation.

    • Positioning straps are placed around the torso and legs. This ensures that the person remains int the centre of the evacuation mat
    • With the adjustable footboard you prevent that the victim slides down on the mattress during a vertical evacuation via the stairs
    • The long pulling straps ensure that you can work in an ergonomic-friendly way. These can be adjusted and moved with the carabiner
    • Thanks to the handles on the longitudinal sides, you are also able to lift the evacuation mattress from the ground. This might be needed if you have to transfer to a stretcher for example
    • With the zipper on the head end you can replace the cover in case it is damaged. Or you place the cover in the washing machine in case of serious soiling

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