Retmex Rescue Sheet - Bariatric Model

  • Retmex is designed to help you transfer or rescue larger-sized individuals. This represents a particular challenge and that’s why you need specialised equipment to help you do the job

    Whether responding to a forest, national park, or another rough area, the Rescue Sheet allows rescue workers to safely and quickly carry patients out of the area without any bumps along the way. You can use the Retmex with multiple responders to make your job as easy as possible.

    This is an extra large rescue sheet. Whether you are a paramedic, a fireman or working as a rescue professional, you will come across all kinds of patients and difficulties with transferring is getting more common since obesity is part of our daily lives. This evacuation aid can help you to reduce physical strain AND smooth transfers of larger-sized individuals.

    No matter where you are, the Bariatric Retmex can help you conquer the most difficult rescue scenarios. That’s why we think it’s important you can bring it with you wherever you go. This green storage bag comes standard with every Bariatric Retmex Model. 

    • Carry bag included
    • 36 cross boxes add additional power and strength
    • A foot sack ensures extra stability
    • 18 carry handles ensure that you can use the Retmex with many helpers
    • PVC handles are enforced with textile threads and thus create extra grip and strength
    • Material: Polyester & PU
    • Size: 220 x 120 cm
    • Safe Work Load: 385kg

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