Record & Play Dinosaur

  • FUNCTION: The Record & Play Dinosaur can record your voice for up to 5 minutes and playback multiple times. A perfect toy for kids who are learning to speak or just want to sing/speak and listen. Watch the video.

    Length:  36 cm
    Weight: 0.34 kg
    Material: Super Soft Plush
    Filling: Environment safe 3D PP cotton
    Power:  3 x AA Battery


    1. Connect 3.5mm jack adaptive switches of your choice to each of the two 3.5mm jack inputs on the toy.
    2. To Record, press the switch on the right, you will hear 1x beep & see a red light indicating the toy is recording. Speak to the belly of the toy. After recording, press the right switch one more time, you will hear 2 beeps indicating the recording has stopped
    3. To Play the recording, press the switch on the left. You can play the same recording any number of times.

    *Switches sold separately