Protac SenSit Puff

  • Sense-stimulating puff for children and adults with mental and physical unrest.

    Can be used as a foot rest with Protac SenSit® chairs or as a chair on its own. The upper layer of the puff is a pocket of loose plastic balls which stimulate the sensory system, while also making the puff comfortable to sit on/rest your legs and feet on.

    Relaxation and comfort

    Paired with one of the Protac SenSit® chairs, the puff can be used as a foot rest for the user to prop their legs up for extra relaxation and comfort. At the same time, this offers extra stimulation to the sensory system through the feet and legs.

    Focus and concentration in school

    Because the stimulation from the balls alleviates mental and physical unrest, the puff is also recommended for sitting on, e.g. as a chair for small children in kindergartens and at school.

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