Protac SenSit Nature

  • Sensory stimulating "recliner" for children and adults with motor and mental disorders.

    Nature can do something special for our senses. It gives joy, tranquility and energy at one time, and it is well documented that outdoor rehabilitation strengthens the physical, mental and social skills. Staying in nature adds an extra dimension to the sensory experience. The wind in the face, the flowers and the trees that smell, the clouds and the birds floating by - and not least the fresh air.

    Safe base under open sky

    Protac SenSit ® Nature is a sensory stimulating chair with balls in the seat, back and wings and acts as a respite from stress and difficult situations. The dynamic and deep pressure of the balls in the wings ends close to the body, stimulating the muscle-joint sense and the tactile sense and enhancing the body sensation. It provides wellness and tranquility - and acts organically on the many sensory input from nature.

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