Protac SensCircle multi pillow

  • A comforting multifunctional cushion for activity, relaxation, rest, and proper positioning.

    Relaxation and rest

    Protac SensCircle® is mouldable and flexible. It has nine parts and can be bent and folded. It is long enough (250 cm) so that you can wrap yourself up and shield yourself from the outside world. Protac SensCircle® can also be used for conflict resolution, as its soothing and sense-stimulating effect alleviates unrest, anxiety, and stress.

    Flexible positioning

    With its shape and colour, Protac SensCircle® invites the user to rest, sleep and de-stress. You can sleep with it or on top of it. You can envelop yourself in it. You can fold it into a chair or a little "cave", or use it as a backrest in bed. The multifunctional cushion has a soft cover that is comfortable to lay your head on.

    Watch the YouTube video here.

  • Design and sizes
    Protac SensCircle® is 250 cm long and is sewn in an easy-to-clean material. The outer sections contain granulate, which are soft, and the middle section contains 5 cm balls. It is possible to swap the sections if you want a different composition. The multifunctional pillow is available in a variety of colors.

    Can be combined with
    Protac SensCircle® can advantageously be combined withProtac MyBaSe® if further stimulation of the sense of touch and the muscle-joint sense is needed.


    The service life is based on proper use, cleaning, washing, service and maintenance. Products, which are used for longer than the above-mentioned service life, should be assessed prior to further use. It is the responsibility of the user to check regularly whether the product can be used for longer than the stipulated service life.Both the outer cover for the Protac SensCircle® and the covers of the individual modules containing the balls are washable. The covers of the modules can be wiped with spirit. How frequently it needs washing depends on use. For washing and cleaning the Protac SensCircle®, please follow the instructions below.

    · The outer cover can be washed in a washing machine with a min. capacity of 6 kg, using washing powder without bleach. Also see the washing instructions in the cover.

    · The modules can be washed separately in a washing machine in the wash bags supplied. Min. 16 kg using washing powder without bleach. Also see the washing instructions in the individual modules.

    · The covers of the modules can be wiped with spirit.

    For removing stains, when you are considering using a stain remover, first try it on a place that is not visible, to see whether it might damage the fabric or affect the colour. Protac does not recommend the use of stain removers.

    Protac reserves the right not to replace a product that has been wrongly washed and maintained.


    Every time you use Protac SensCircle® check for flaws and defects. Once a year inspect the pad’s seams, zip, fabric, filling and general conditionIf you become aware of a serious flaw or defect, stop using your Protac SensCircle® until the flaw has been remedied and safety restored.

  • 52-year-old man with brain damage

    A 52-year-old man has basal damage at the brain stem level. He needs peace and quiet when he rests and to feel the boundaries of his body. He has paralysis of his legs and arms and has reduced sensation. The man uses the Protac SensCircle® pillow several times a day to rest. Protac SensCircle® gives him immediate peace of mind when he is positioned with it. He also falls asleep quickly and has experienced less spasticity for several days. He finds it nice to feel demarcated around his head and back, and the staff finds that he is calmer and more collected after resting with Protac SensCircle®.

    26-year-old woman with head trauma

    Protac SensCircle® is placed around the woman when she needs to rest or sleep, to delimit the room. It is used daily for approx. 1 hour at all rest, as well as at night. The motor restlessness is reduced, and it has given the patient an increased sense of security to have her " proximal space" shielded.

    61-year-old man with a psychiatric diagnosis

    The man uses the Protac SensCircle® pillow for positioning at night. It gives him peace of mind to cuddle in it and he quickly falls asleep.

    50-year-old man, former soldier and with severe PTSD

    The man rarely finds peace in everyday life, and therefore enjoys coming to the Snoezelen House, where he wraps himself in the long Protac SensCircle® pillow, while lying on the waterbed with built in music. Here he completely relaxes and ”recharges his battery”.

    Experiences from Snoezelen house

    A man at a residential center uses the Protac SensCircle® for positioning and relaxation. The pillow gives him peace of mind. He relaxes quickly and can better fall asleep later in the evening.

    9-year-old- boy with autism

    The boy uses the Protac SensCircle® multi-functional pillow during all breaks while at school. He spontaneously chooses to use the pillow as a calming spot to take a break and he likes to stay in it for over an hour. The multi-functional pillow gives the boy peace of mind . He is so happy for it that he does not want to leave it again.

    Children btw. 8-17-years-old with autism

    Protac SensCircle® pillow is widely used in common rooms and TV rooms in a center for children and youth with autism. Several of the children need sensory stimulation and find a lot of peace by sitting with the pillow during sedentary activities such as using an Ipad. The children can better concentrate and remain focused on an activity, and the Protac SensCircle® pillow is used several times a day for approximately 20-40 minutes at a time