Protac SensCircle multi pillow

  • A comforting multifunctional cushion for activity, relaxation, rest and proper positioning.

    Relaxation and rest

    Protac SensCircle® is mouldable and flexible. It has nine parts and can be bended and folded. It is long enough (250 cm) so that you can wrap yourself up and shield yourself from the outside world. Protac SensCircle® can also be used for conflict resolution, as its soothing and sense-stimulating effect alleviates unrest, anxiety and stress.

    Flexible positioning

    With its shape and colour, Protac SensCircle® invites the user to rest, sleep and de-stress. You can sleep with it or on top of it. You can envelop yourself in it. You can fold it into a chair or a little "cave", or use it as a backrest in bed. The multifunctional cushion has a soft, comfortable cover that feels nice to lay your head on.

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