Protac MyFit Vest - Child

  • A sense-stimulating vest for children with mental and physical unrest who need help staying calm, concentrating and learning.

    Protac MyFit® stimulates the sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses and is used on children who suffer from restlessness, feelings of insecurity, difficulty concentrating or poor body awareness. The vest fits snugly against the body and the comfortable amount of weight and pressure of the vest provides the user with a distinct awareness of the body which alleviates anxiety, hyperactivity and stress.

    Support for everyday activities

    Protac MyFit® helps children who are mentally and physically challenged to be able to better handle their everyday activities. For school children, the vest can contribute to a better sense of calm and concentration when doing homework, for example, and during breaks and free time, the vest can help to tone down the kind of behaviour that makes it difficult for children to form social relationships. The vest can be used for as long as or as much as the user finds it comfortable to wear and its soothing effects will continue to last.

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