Protac KneedMe - Child & Youth

  • A sensory-stimulating knee blanket for youth and adults with motor unrest and concentration difficulties.

    Protac KneedMe® To Go stimulates the sense of touch and the sense of muscles and joints and gives the user peace of body and mind. It can be used by young people from about 10 years and up and is used in situations where sitting still and concentrating poses a problem. At school, in the car or cinema, in front of the computer or the TV or at a meeting or the dining room table, the use of Protac KneedMe® gives greater calm and focus.

    Seated activities

    Protac KneedMe® Two Go has a filling of plastic balls which with their weight and pressure provides an increased bodily feeling which dampens anxiety and hyperactivity. The knee blanket is laid across the thighs and knees and can be used for all sitting activities. If the user has troubled and busy hands they can the tucked/hidden into the exterior pockets on the front, which is also large enough to accommodate a tablet, mobile phone or similar.

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