Protac KneedMe - Adult

  • Sense-stimulating knee blanket for those with physical and mental unrest who need help alleviating uneasiness in the mind and body while engaged in sitting activities.

    Protac KneedMe® stimulates the sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses. It rests on the lap, covering the knees and thighs and promoting calmness, focus and concentration for the user. It can be used by young people, adults and the elderly, and is well-suited for those with dementia, hyperactivity, physical unrest, Parkinson's disease and restless legs syndrome. Protac KneedMe® can alleviate the hidden effects of brain injuries and blood clots and can also be used by wheelchair users.

    Sitting activities

    Protac KneedMe® is filled with plastic balls and the weight and pressure of the balls calms and provides the user with a distinct feel for the limits of the body. Adults and the elderly with hyperactivity or restless legs syndrome can benefit from using Protac KneedMe® when working, eating or relaxing, for example. For those with restless hands, they can keep their hands active/concealed in the outer pocket where objects/tangles can be inserted to keep the hands occupied and further promote calmness and awareness.

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