Prosthetic Leg Cover

  • Get your freedom back with our waterproof prosthetic cover. Stand up and enjoy the pool with loved ones or take a relaxing shower while standing on your own.

    • Vacuum Sealed Technology
    • Completely Submersible Even for Swimming
    • Airtight Seal Prevents Cover from Coming Off
    • Durable and Reusable
    • Easy Daily Use
    • Non-Skid Grid on Foot
    • One Year Warranty

    Tips for after you have your DryPro Prosthetic Leg Cover

    Stretch on the DryPro Prosthetic Leg Cover over the leg to see how it fits. If the DryPro is too tight, you can trim 7mm along the lines towards the top of the opening and try it on again. Be sure not to trim too much, as a tight seal is needed for the vacuum to work. Stretch the DryPro over the prosthetic so the top fits smooth against the skin. Allow some slack as the vacuum will remove the excess material.

    Refer to size chart in first picture to find the best fit.

    Please note we cannot accept return of products with damaged packaging.