• The PowerMOVE is a hoist for moving patients safely and comfortably. The mast allows a translational movement of the lifting arm. Regardless of the height, the patient is always lifted at the same distance from the mast, and can therefore be positioned very precisely. The PowerMOVE requires little maintenance and the legs are adjusted electrically, as are the height and tilt of the arm and spreader bar. The touch&move powered driving device makes working with the hoist effortless, easier and less stressful. This is an intelligent solution for tackling physical stresses and strains, reducing the risk of physical complaints.

    The hoist is designed for moving patients in combination with a full lifting sling. The PowerMOVE has a four-point electric spreader bar with flexible spacers as standard. Typically supplied for use in with clip slings, the PowerMOVE can also be fitted with a two-point spreader bar for loop slings. The hoist comes with a stiffener case and the option of an integrated weighing unit.


    • touch&move powered driving device
    • New: proper usage indication
    • Translational column lift with a fixed spreader bar
    • Large unloading range thanks to the long lifting arm and legs
    • Low-maintenance column with spindle
    • Safe working load: 200 kg

  • Highest position lifting arm207 cm
    Lowest position lifting arm79 cm
    Height of the legs11.5 cm
    Space under the legs6 cm
    Reach lifting arm at highest position57 cm
    Reach lifting arm at lowest position61.5 cm
    Full length140.5 cm
    Push handle height120 cm
    Minimum total height188 cm
    Maximum total height212 cm
    Maximum width120 cm
    Internal width at maximum spread105 cm
    Minimum width70 cm
    Internal width at minimum spread60 cm
    Maximum turning radius155 cm
    Maximum weight200 kg
    Duration of complete lifting movement45 sec
    Total weight106 kg

  • touch&move driving support 

    The PowerMOVE hoist has touch&move driving support as standard. This is a unique, intuitive electrically powered drive that makes working with a hoist easier and more pleasant. The push handle of a hoist with touch&move driving support has sensors that measure the magnitude and direction of the force exerted on it. A gentle push against the push handle is enough to set the additional wheel under the hoist in motion, either forwards, backwards or sideways. That may sound technical but using it is very intuitive. 

    New: the proper usage indication on the control panel enables you to check whether the hoist is being used correctly. And off you go…! 

    Spreader bar options 

    The PowerMOVE has a four-point electric tilting spreader bar as standard. This four-point bar is suitable for slings with clips that can be fixed to the attachment points. Using the hand control or the control panel, the patient’s position can be changed during the transfer. When slings with loops are to be used, the PowerMOVE can be fitted with a two-point spreader bar. This type of spreader bar has two attachment points and no tilt function. The patient’s position can therefore only be changed by varying the length of the loops. 

    Weighing unit 

    Regularly weighing passive patients is very difficult in practice. A hoist with weighing unit can help make periodic weighing of a patient simpler. The weighing unit is optional and can be integrated into the lifting arm of the PowerMOVE. This makes it possible to weigh patients easily on a regular basis. The maximum weighing capacity is 200 kg.

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