PAL2 Pool Lift


    A free-standing pool lift that is sleek and modern design with an attractive matte finish. Standard features include the LiftOperator Intelligent Control (mounted on the mast), a 24-volt rechargeable battery, waterproof hand control, armrests, footrest and seatbelt assembly.


    • 240° rotation helps ensure safe transfer
    • Easy to move by one person
    • LiftOperator® Intelligent Controller* conveniently located on the mast – includes 24 Volt rechargeable battery
    • Powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum construction
    • Includes: battery, charger, battery console cover, water-resistant hand control, footrest, seatbelt assembly, and armrests
    • Lifting capacity: 136kg

    Specifications: 136kg lifting capacity, and 240 degree rotation. Powder-coated stainless steel and aluminum.

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