Nüdel Rover

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    Designed for groups of up to 8 children(1-12 years old*), from the mobile allied health therapist to the clinical psychologist, Nüdel Rover offers a reliable, ready to use, free-play development tool. Transportable in the back of a hatchback, Nüdel Rover supports therapists no matter where they work, even if they work in 10 different locations a week.

    Highly versatile by nature, Nüdel Rover succeeds as an effective health initiative for therapeutic spaces – from the clinic, to schools, to community centres, to name a few; and with its modern and neutral aesthetic, Nüdel Rover is a respectable addition to any contemporary clinic space.

    The Rover is made up of high quality, robust loose parts in a compact, mobile kart. All parts are durable, safe, non-toxic and maintainable for years of creativity. Best of all pack up will only take a few minutes.

    How does it fit within healthcare?

    1. SCREENING TOOL: Used by facilitators and therapists to identify a child’s developmental level.
    2. HEALTH PROMOTION TOOL: Used and monitored by a school-based HCP on school-based health initiatives, or for HCP’s in government positions promoting health and wellbeing in the wider community.
    3. CLINICAL THERAPEUTIC TOOL: Used in everyday practice by front line paediatricians and allied health or and? psychology professionals, with children of all capabilities.
    4. PUBLIC HEALTH INITIATIVE: Used by HCPs to support each child’s human right to free play in public spaces.
    5. INTERDISCIPLINARY AND MULTIDISCIPLINARY PRACTICE: Encouraging collaboration between professionals in clinical practice and during university training practicums or as part of the university curriculums. ​

    *The Nüdel Rover is suitable for children 1-12 years but requires active professional supervision and risk assessment. The Nüdel Rover can be configured in millions of different ways and so might present different risks and hazards to different ages of children, with varying levels of competency and development.

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