Nart Free Lift (Portable)

  • The Nart Free Lift is a portable battery-powered pool hoist that is designed to transfer the user safely from the dry area of the dressing room to the wet edge of the pool, then lower safely into the pool.

    This provides the opportunity to prevent potential incidents at the pool edge caused by manually assisting users with mobility issues into the pool.

    The raising and lowering of the device is provided by the powered controls, while positioning of the hoist is manually controlled by a carer.


    • Emergency stop button
    • Water resistant control
    • Controllable from the power unit (in the event of hand control damage)
    • Detachable and rechargeable battery
    • Charge indicator (both on the device and on the charger)
    • Wheels suitable for wet surfaces (soft rubber coated and closed type bearings)
    • Lift stroke length is 1260 mm (610 mm above water 650 mm in water)
    • Adjustable seat mechanism so that in-water and above-water distances can be adjusted according to site requirements (± 100 mm)
    • Vacuum emergency stoppers located behind the front wheels to prevent accidental ingress into pool
    • Rear wheels braked for stability during lifting and lowering
    • The device battery can be charged using mains power up to 240 Volts
    • The device is 24 Volts ensuring safe operation on wet surfaces
    • Lifting capacity - 150 kg
    • Weight of device - 200 kg
    • Body of lifter constructed of ST-52 - zinc plated with electrostatic paint
    • Submersible components are 304 stainless steel with electrostatic paint
    • Immersion time - 45 seconds from start of lift
    • Exit time - 55 seconds from start of lift

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