MILO Transfer and Toilet Aid

  • The Milo transfer and toilet aid is a versatile “3 in 1” caring device which allows for:

    • Standing transfer of a patient to the chair and bed
    • Passage to the toilet and the shower
    • Structure can fit over standard-height toilets
    • It also has a removable pan for emergencies
    • Standing or seated showers
    • Its tibial supports are reversible for foot care

    The Milo is made entirely made of submersible materials and allows for easy upkeep of personal hygiene by facilitating standing showers. 

    Its adapted wheels and numerous grips allow great manoeuvrability in tight spaces for any caregiver.

    Developed by a multidisciplinary team of caregivers, occupational safety experts and industrial designers, Milo reduces the number of transfers needed.

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