Koval Shower Trolley


    • transport shower trolley with one-piece bed
    • external dimensions of the shower trolley: 207 cm (length), 81 cm (width)
    • bed length: 190 cm, bed width: 65 cm
    • 3-degree fixed bed inclination
    • folding side railings 18.5 cm high
    • hydraulically adjustable cantilever bed lift at a height of 47 to 90 cm
    • wheels with a diameter of 150 mm
    • central braking system
    • system for easier steering (for easier turning of the trolley, its front left wheel can be locked in the direction of travel)
    • metal base cover
    • waterproof shower cushion 27 cm high
    • a drain built into the cushion with a flexible tube 100 cm long
    • waterproof pillow - half-cylinder
    • weight of the trolley: 86 kg
    • maximum working load: 170 kg

    *Delivery charges are additional based on location*

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