iEAT Feeding Robot

  • Personal robotic eating device

    The iEAT Robot is an easy to operate assistive eating device. Designed specifically for people with very little or no muscle strength or muscle function and people with involuntary muscle contractions. It comes with an app to adjust personal preferences and settings. Eating or feeding yourself with the iEAT Robot improves your level of independence, enabling you to go and eat out. We designed and developed the iEAT Robot to be a personal eating assistant. You are in control with the iEAT Robot. A Powered plate rotation-unit enables you to choose from which part of the plate you would like to take a scoop, so you can eat completely independent. The specialy designed spoon and plate help mimimalise the chance of spilling. You determine what your next spoonful will be, how fast you eat and you can adjust almost every setting like speed, waiting time, automatic/semi-automatic mode.

    How it works 

    The iEAT Robot carries out several movements in sequence, either automatic or semi-automatic. When starting up the iEAT Robot, you determine the mouth position. This is the position to which the spoon has to return after scoping up food from the plate. After determining the mouth position the user just has to start the sequence if the iEAT is in Automatic-mode. If in semi-automatic mode the user has to initiate the next step in the sequence, giving the user more control.

    When eating with the iEAT in semi-automatic mode you can also determine what your next spoonful is going to be. The app lets you adjust all settings to your personal preferences. The iEAT Robot is lightweight and has an built-in battery, allowing you to take it along when you go out to eat.

    iEAT Feeding Robot - Features

    • Rechargeable, built-in battery allows several days of use without having to recharge
    • Can be operated with a single button or with the app
    • Comes with a Manual plate rotation-unit (Powered plate rotation-unit is optional)
    • Settings can be easily adjusted to personal preferences with the app
    • Both the spoon and the plate are dishwasher proof

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