HMN M2 Joystick Series

  • The M2 Joystick range of shower commodes has been developed in answer to the increasing demand for users to be totally independent in the execution of their personal care.

    With controls fitted to the left or right armrest, a Joystick shower commode can eliminate or at least reduce the need for care personnel during showering, toileting, and other hygiene procedures.

    In addition, the controls can be located on the left or right push handle for attendant control use. This reduces the effort of propelling and manouevring larger users in the confines of small bathrooms.

    Configuration options:

    • SWL 200kg - no tilt-in-space
    • Standard - with tilt-in-space
    • SWL 200kg - with tilt-in-space
    • Multi-Tip - with tilt-in-space and elevate
    • Multi-Tip 200kg - with tilt-in-space and elevate

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