HMN M2 Bariatric Series

  • Bariatric shower commodes by HMN are available with SWL of 200kg or 300kg. Tilt-in-space is standard but the 200kg model also has the option of power elevate and/or power drive. Read more about power drive options here.

    Standard features:

    • 100% stainless steel frame
    • soft PU foam seat
    • 150mm wheels with double action brakes
    • wheels are closed axle making them resistant to hair and dirt build-up
    • easy to use adjustments
    • large selection of accessories

    Configuration options:

    • SWL 200kg - tilt-in-space
    • SWL 200kg Joystick - tilt-in-space and power drive
    • SWL 300kg - tilt-in-space
    • Multi-Tip 200kg - tilt-in-space and elevate
    • Multi-Tip 200kg Joystick - tilt-in-space, elevate and power drive

Please contact us to discuss your needs in relation to this product. We want to ensure you are getting exactly what you require.
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