• The HabiCave is designed as a cave that gently shields and envelops the user 

    The furniture's quiet space helps to create security, energy and readiness to participate in daily activities. The cave is acoustically dampened by 33%, whereby the user will experience a reduction in both disturbing sounds and visual sensory impressions from the surroundings. In addition, the material of the cave has a positive effect on the acoustics of the room in which the HabiCave is placed.

    - Wellbeing:

    HabiCave can be used both for undisturbed alone time in preparation for an activity, and as a screened space for activities such as learning and socializing.

    - Functionality:

    HabiCave increases well-being and creates calm for the user without them feeling excluded from the community. At the same time, HabiCave can both prevent and alleviate restlessness and difficulty concentrating.

    - Acoustics:

    The HabiCave is acoustically softened, which means that the sound level inside the HabiCave has been tested to be reduced by a third. HabiCave invites you to the micro break that is necessary for good well-being and learning.

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