Eagle Lifting Cushion

  • The Eagle is the newest addition to our range of Mangar lifting cushions and is designed to lift a person from the floor with the help of one person while reducing the risk of injury to both the carer and the person who has fallen. The inbuilt backrest gives a reassuring chair-like quality and offers a fully supportive lift for a person weighing up to 190kg. 

    Who can use it?

    The Eagle lifting cushion is ideal for a home setting and is suitable for those not professionally medically trained in the role of carer such as a family member supporting a loved one with a health condition that affects their likelihood of falling.

    This includes:

    • People with neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s and dementia, and Huntington's disease
    • Individuals with physical disabilities such as limited mobility or amputees
    • Anyone with complex needs – the Camel is ideal for lifting anyone who may move around during a lift.
    • The elderly – 30% of adults over 65 will fall at least once a year.  This rises to 50% in the over 80s.
    • Plus Size or bariatric patients who face daily mobility challenges and will often find it difficult to get back on their feet when they fall – even though they are uninjured.

    Special features

    • With an inbuilt backrest, the Eagle offers a fully supportive lift for a person up to 190kg with minimal moving and manual handling requirements.
    • Lightweight (weighing only 6.5kgs) and can be used inside or outside in situations where many alternative lifting devices may not be suitable.
    • The Eagle is more narrow than the Camel and can be more suitable to small spaces such as bathrooms or corridors. 
    • The Eagle is inflated using a battery-operated Airflo compressor and can be packed away into a discreet bag. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs in relation to this product. We want to ensure you are getting exactly what you require.
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