Disposable High Easy Amputee Sling - Clips

  • Single patient use sling can be used as an amputee sling for short stay hospital or residency visits, supplied with a stiffened head support. Easy to apply, all supplied with padded legs and additional tailoring to commode aperture as standard. The commode aperture is significantly reduced in size to provide additional support for high level amputations. Used specifically in acute markets to limit cross infection.

    Designed for one patient use only, for the duration of a short stay, unless sling shows any signs of deterioration and destroyed if soiled. Disposable slings are just that, they are designed for short term use and should be inspected regularly for end user safety. All slings are fitted with a warning ‘DO NOT USE’ label which only becomes visible when in contact with liquid as an additional safety measure.

    Sold in packs of five only.

    This product is under contract to NSW Health – contact us for further information.

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