Retmex Rescue Sheet

  • The Rescue Sheet is designed to make it easier to effectively transfer patients with minimal effort. Designed for rescue services, trauma teams and first aid teams.

    It can help you to transfer an injured or unconscious person when this is not possible with a stretcher or when you don't have space to store a scoop.

    Whether responding to a forest, national park, or another rough area, the Carry Sheet allows rescue workers to safely and quickly carry patients out of the area without any bumps along the way.

    Use the attached carabiner to securely clip the Carry Sheet to your clothing for compact and easy transport.

    The Rescue Sheet is ready to go wherever you are. By rolling the Rescue Sheet, you can carry it in your first aid kit or rescue bag and quickly unroll it in the event of an emergency.

    There’s always a chance that you need to use the Retmex by yourself if there’s no one around to assist you. Webbing placed on the body zone makes sure that you can also use the Retmex Rescue Sheet for sliding when that additional help isn’t available. 

    • Place the patient in the centre of the Retmex, so you can easily balance when lifting
    • You can find 12 handles on the rescue sheet which was determined according to the DIN1865 guideline. This kind of rescue sheet should have at least three handles on each longitudinal side
    • A foot sack ensures extra stability for the patient

    • Material: 100% polyester (fire retardant & anti-bacterial)
    • Size: 205x80 cm

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