S-CAPEKIDS Evacuation Mattress

  • In the case of an evacuation, carrying two kids at a time down the stairs can be dangerous. Besides that, time is of essence, and the more time you spend going back and forth, their safety could be in danger. That's why the S-CAPEKIDS was born.

    With this evacuation mattress, you can safely and quickly transport four children out of the building to safety.

    Four pockets ensure that you can bring 4 babies to a safe zone simultaneously.

    With every S-CAPEKIDS evacuation mattress that you order, you will get an extra green Wall Cover. This allows you to mount the evacuation device to a wall. By releasing the hook and loop fasteners, the evacuation mattress can be easily removed from the Wall Cover.  The Wall Cover also protects your S-CAPEKIDS from dust and keeps the device in optimal condition.

    • Each child is completely covered by body flaps to prevent slipping down and to provide extra protection during the evacuation
    • The footrest can be adjusted to the length of the little one using the hook and loop fasteners
    • Wrap a baby into a hypothermia blanket to provide protection from the cold
    • You can prepare the little ones onto the S-CAPEKIDS evacuation mattress with multiple carers
    • With every S-CAPEKIDS that you order, you will receive 4 hypothermia baby blankets for FREE. This provides extra protection against the dangers of hypothermia

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