RoseCup Sipper with Straw Insert

    • The RoseCup is an innovative new addition to any kitchen and provides a valuable drinking aid for those with difficulties feeding and swallowing

    • The sipper straw attachment is an exclusive function that keeps fluids at the top of the outlet ready for the next sip. Acting like a straw, the unique ball valve allows liquids to enter the device and keeps the fluids in the valve until the next sip even when no sucking is happening. Liquids will not flow back into the mug and can be enjoyed with minimal sucking effort. Perfect for when the cup is used hands free; the ball valve makes drinking at the table and sitting upright easy. Best of all, the ball is stainless steel and will not rust

    • Every RoseCup has three robust, easy-to-grip handles. These big handles allow the cup to be used with the left hand, right hand or with the assistance of a caregiver. The handles have been specially designed to make drinking simpler for those with a weaker grip, tremors or difficulties holding normal cups. The handles enhance the versatility of the mug and give dignity, confidence and control back to users

    • The liquid tight, easy to screw on/screw off lid enhances the functionality of the mug. A breathing hole allows pressure to be released from the cup

    • The head of the RoseCup extends at a 30-degree angle. This unique feature ensures there is no need for neck extension when drinking. The head allows the user to keep their natural position while drinking and assists with effective swallowing

    • The RoseCup is long lasting, robust and made in Australia from high quality materials. The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, manufactured to Australian Nursing Home Industry Standards (88 degrees)

    • RoseCup with sipper and straw insert attachment includes:
      • 1 cup - 3 handles
      • 1 screw on, liquid tight lid (your choice of orange or green)
      • 1 screw on sipper attachment (only available in white)
      • 1 sipper straw insert (only available in white)
      • Spout/Sipper cover (your choice of orange and green)
      • Grommet for spill proof drinking- optional


    • Size: 18x16x14cm
    • Weight:   315g