Retmex Rescue Sheet - Nomex Model

  • Rescue & Extinguish - this life-saving sheet let’s you do both. Initially designed for fire fighters, Retmex can help you in all kinds of emergencies.

    Retmex gives responders the capability to secure and quickly evacuate patients from a dangerous scene.

    A rapid evacuation often becomes a key link for survival. Inappropriate extraction has the potential to damage victims and cause serious injuries. For example, during house fires.

    Inherently flame resistant, Nomex uses a blend of Kevlar yarns, makes it possible to use the Retmex to help extinguish flames. For example, when a person’s clothing is on fire.

    You can use the carabiner to clip the Retmex to your clothing or other parts of your gear. This makes transport quick and easy.

    • The feet section creates stability when evacuating a victim. This is especially beneficial when going down a flight of stairs
    • Retro reflective straps ensure visibility in the dark or in areas filled with smoke
    • The Retmex is equipped with 12 handles that allows you to lift and operate the rescue sheet with multiple responders
    • Material: Nomex and Kevlar
    • Size: 200 x 78 cm

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