Retmex Rescue Sheet - Comfort Model

  • Whether responding to a forest, national park, or another rough area, the Retmex Rescue Sheet allows rescue workers to safely and quickly carry patients out of the area without any bumps along the way.

    With 12 secure carrying handles, multiple rescue responders can effortlessly balance and carry a patient from the scene quickly. The patient’s weight is evenly distributed across the sheet allowing for minimal disruption even over rough terrain.

    There’s always a chance that you need to use the Retmex by yourself if there’s no one around to assist you. Webbing placed on the body zone makes sure that you can also use the Retmex Rescue Sheet for sliding when that additional help isn’t available. 

    • Cross boxes add additional power and strength to points that would be fragile without
    • PVC handles are enforced with textile threads and thus create extra grip and strength
    • The strap system has been constructed in such a way that it ensures that the patient's weight is carried by the straps, not the fabric
    • The Retmex Comfort comes standard in a small portable bag
    • Material: 100% polyester (fire retardant & anti-bacterial)
    • Size: 205x80cm

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