GRIPOset - Balls, Grams, Fix


    This GRIPOset helps you to take control of your life and to carry out ordinary and essential activities of everyday life again.

    GRIPOgrams allow you to weight your GripoBalls according to your specific needs. The use of GRIPOgrams limits tremor and allows for better coordination of movements. The GRIPOfix metacarpal strap will encourage the hand to close on the utensil.

    GripoBalls are portable in a pocket and can help in a variety of situations. They compensate for the thumb and index finger pinch. GripoBalls do not distinguish between a right-handed or left-handed person.

    The GRIPOgrams allow you to weight down your GripoBalls according to your specific needs. The usage of GRIPOgrams reduces shaking and allows a better coordination of movements.  They are recommended for people with dyspraxia, Parkinson's disease, sclerosis or hemiplegia.

    These products can be cleaned after use in the dishwasher or washing machine (≤ 90°) and can be disinfected with alcohol-based products.

    Supplied in a set of 3 GripoBalls with 5 stainless-steel GRIPOgram beads and 1 GRIPOfix.