Big Bent Sloth

  • Big Bent is not just another cute sloth. He is a unique and calming companion made of soft material that provides sensory and tactile stimulation. With Bent, you can experience a sense of comfort and tranquility that simply won’t let you let go of him. Big Bent is for children from 6 years old and may also work for older individuals with dementia.

    Sensory and Tactile Stimulation
    Bent is made of pleasant, soft materials that provide sensory and tactile stimulation. This unique feature makes it hard to let go of him as he imparts a soothing and pleasant sensation.

    Weight and Comfort
    The special feature of the sloth Big Bent is its weight, which allows for tactile sensitivity that senses pressure and warmth when hugged. This creates a feeling of comfort and tranquility in the body when sitting or lying with Bent.

    Relief and User-friendliness
    Big Bent serves as a relief for families and institutions working with people of all ages with special needs. The use of Big Bent varies as the needs are different for each person.