Bathing Cushion

  • Ideal for those who have difficulty getting in and out of the bath, our lightweight and portable Bathing Cushion lowers the user into the bath, then raises them back up so they can easily get out when they are finished.

    Benefits of the bathing cushion

    The bathing cushion is a safe and comfortable bathing aid which allows people to lie down at the bottom of the bath – just like they would in a normal bath. It’s an affordable option that can be easily removed after use and doesn’t require any expensive bathroom alterations.

    Special features

    • It is portable, lightweight and very stable
    • It is quick and easy to install and remove
    • Air can be left in the backrest for greater levels of comfort while bathing
    • The cushion is fully waterproof and can easily be cleaned after every use
    • It is battery operated with no dangerous power cables
    • The bathing cushion is perfectly safe and has a waterproof hand control
    • The Bathing Cushion can lift up to 150kg
    • The cushion is inflated using low air pressure from the Airflo 12 power source
    • The safety feature means that the cushion will only lower a person into the bath if there is enough battery power to raise them back up again.

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