Avanti Care Sling

  • The Avanti Care sling is a familiar product by Australian manufacturer Allegro Concepts, with some specific advantages for maximum affordability and universal application. It is available in six sizes up to a maximum SWL of 320kg.

    • one basic shape
    • head support as standard
    • enlarged commode opening for hygiene application
    • universal Safety-Slot [read more below] attachments
    • modesty loop as standard
    • durable mesh fabric
    • machine-washable to 85ºC
    • non-fading woven labels
    • unique serial number
    • optional monogramming
    • compliant with AS/NZS ISO 10535:2011
    • under contract to NSW Health
    The Safety-Slot is the only loop-less sling tape available for standard yoke fitting hoists. The streamlined design improves product safety and eliminates associated loop tape fixing hazards. It is slim-line, light-weight, has high tensile strength – and is ergonomically designed to naturally slide into the most optimum position during transfer.