Alpha Turn Sheet with Handles

  • This turn sheet was developed especially for patients who are particularly sensitive to pain. The processing of breathable textile products enables the patient to remain on the turn sheet on an ongoing basis. The hidden handles and loops of the turn sheet make it possible for the carer to move the patient freely and gently to the desired care situation in the bed.

    The turn sheet can be attached to the head of the bed or laterally to the slatted frame with the attachment straps provided. The stop strips additionally applied to the outside on the fitted sheet and the anti-slip mat provide the necessary

    All forms of positioning, such as micro-positioning or neutral positioning, are possible without effort and shearing forces. All positioning wedges can be placed between the
    two silk layers. This speeds up and simplifies even complex positioning processes.

    A transfer to mobile wheelchairs is also possible, simply by pulling the patient over. Support with a sliding board is recommended for this purpose. Theturn sheet remains in the wheelchair following transfer and the return transfer can be done just as quickly without hassle.