AirPod - Single

  • The AirPod Single has been designed as a Single Patient Use [SPU] product, combining features of a slide sheet with those of an air-assisted lateral transfer mattress.

    The construction and the use of specially designed and manufactured technical fabric provides superior patient handling and support. For the care provider, the AirPod Single offers a number of benefits including easy application and removal. It can be applied under the patient without the need of log-rolling – ideal for those with orthopaedic trauma. Several techniques are available for this application process including folding and unrolling and slip/slide/pull.

    The AirPod Single is purchased in boxes of 10 units – one size only. Use with our brand specific Air Blower or compatible with your existing device.

    This product is under contract to NSW Health – contact us for further information.

Please contact us to discuss your needs in relation to this product. We want to ensure you are getting exactly what you require.
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