5 kg Protac Granulate Blanket

  • The Protac Granulate Blanket is for all ages 5 and up and is suitable for people in need of light stimulation, but without the full pressure of the plastic balls.

    The Protac Granulate Blanket is a soothing and sense-stimulating blanket for those with physical and mental unrest who would like to have better sleep. The Granulate Blanket is well-suited for those with chronic pain and cognitive impairment. It alleviates anxiety and restlessness. It can also be used for proper positioning and posture.

    The Protac Granulate Blanket is sectioned into 40 pockets that are filled with polypropylene balls (granules). It encloses the user's body snugly and provides light stimulation to the sensory system.

    The blanket often feels familiar to elderly people with dementia, as it may remind them of heavy, old-fashioned blankets. The Granulate Blanket provides the user with a better feel for the body and its limits and promotes calmness and creates a sense of security.