3.5 kg Protac Ball Blanket Calm - Junior

  • Suitable for children ages 1-5. Alleviates sleeping problems, mental and physical unrest, hyperactivity and lack of body awareness.

    Easier to fall asleep

    The Protac Ball Blanket is a recognised aid for those with difficulty sleeping. The balls in the blanket stimulate the sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses, promoting calmness and creating a sense of security. Children will find that they have better body awareness and fall asleep more easily.

    Design, sizes and weight

    The Calm model has a channel construction, bearing weighted plastic balls in channels. The channels allow less movement of the balls and hence the sensory stimulation is milder and more soothing than in Flexible and Classic. Calm is particularly suited for children, who are tactile defensive; sensitive to new and changing sensory impressions and in need of a clear body definition..

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