1.5 kg Protac Ball Blanket Classic - Baby

  • The original Protac Ball Blanket for SenSitive infants with restlessness and sleeping problems, sensory disturbances or motor difficulties.

    The Protac Ball Blanket stimulates the sense of touch as well as the muscle and joint position senses, promoting calmness and creating a sense of security for infants with mental and physical unrest. It helps improve body awareness, helps the user fall asleep faster and promotes better, uninterrupted sleep. The effects of a bad start When infants have a tough start in life, often their sensory systems will not have a chance to fully develop. Restlessness, crying, tension, strong reactions to sensory stimulation and sleeping problems can be the effects of a bad start. The Protac Ball Blanket has a relaxing effect on the sensory system and soothes the body, making the user feel calm and collected.

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