0.5 kg Protac Ball Blanket Classic - Premie

  • Ball blanket for premature babies with restlessness and sleeping problems, sensory disturbances or motor difficulties.

    Children that are born prematurely leave their mother's womb too early. We begin to develop the muscle and joint position senses (the proprioceptive sense) and the sense of touch (the tactile sense) inside the womb, and these are the two senses that together help let us know the limits of our bodies. When a child leaves its mother's womb too early, the child may not have developed the two senses that a full-term baby would normally have developed. As a result, some children may have difficulty calming down, while others may experience slow motor skills development. The ball blanket can be used to effectively help a child develop—or stimulate— these two senses, as the weight of the blanket and the balls inside act to stimulate the child's sense of touch and the muscle and joint position senses, thereby helping the child to better "notice" themselves, and in this way calm down.

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