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Silvalea Trunk & Pelvic Walking Harness

Silvalea Trunk & Pelvic Walking Harness


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Specialist walking/standing harness manufactured in neoprene because of its elasticity and inertness which makes this material well suited for demanding applications. The design and neoprene provide flexible support around the trunk and pelvic area.

This particular specialist harness has proven very successful for children with athetoid cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury and those with ataxic movement. Allowing for both backward as well as forward movement, this harness is particularly suited to balance therapies, is often used in rehabilitation, working in prone positions, and creates inclusion opportunities in school and family activities.

Helps improve standing tolerance, can be used for independent transfers and activities using natural patterns of movement and due to the nature of the material can be used in hydro-therapy situations.

Apply on a changing table or bed.

Available in one material type:  Neoprene

Wash by hand & Do not tumble dry


  • Transfer Type General transfer & Standing to seated
  • Lift Type Active & Passive
  • Support Type Pelvis & Trunk
  • Attachment Type Loop fixing spreader bar
  • User Physicality Active alert and able to participate, Good head control, Limited mobility & Some weight bearing ability
  • Sizing XXSmall - XLarge
  • Weight Limit 220kgs/35stone/485lbs
  • Mobility FIM Measure 5
  • Available Material Neoprene

Sizing Guide

(Chest Circumference) 
(Armpit to Side Level with Base of Spine)
XXSmall 67 - 77cm 24 - 32cm
XSmall 77 - 87cm 29 - 37cm
Small 87 - 97cm 35 - 43cm
Medium 97 - 107cm 40 - 48cm
Large 107 - 117cm 45 - 53cm
XLarge 117 - 127cm 49 - 57cm



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