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Silvalea Lateral Slide Sheet

Silvalea Lateral Slide Sheet


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Lateral slide sheet featuring a low friction nylon with a silicone coating allowing ease of use. Used for supine transfers from bed to trolley, recentralising end users or turning an end user with ease whilst they are supine. The lateral slide sheet allows an end user to be manoeuvred without the need for lifting.

The lateral transfer sheet is designed to be used with one or two caregivers and due to ease of use created by the silicone coating is often used in hospitals for post-operative situations.

An essential part of a caregiver’s or moving and handling specialist’s/trainer’s kit.

Available in one material type: Nylon (Wash at 71°C & Do not tumble dry)


  • Transfer Type Supine to supine
  • Lift Type Passive
  • Support Type Head, Leg, Pelvis & Torso
  • User Physicality Active alert and able to participate, Amputee, Amputee above the knee, Asymmetrical body shapes, Double amputee, Good head control, Good head trunk and hip control, Limited mobility & Severely disabled
  • Sizing One size
  • Mobility FIM Measure 1
  • Available Material Nylon