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Waterproof Protectors

Waterproof Protectors

DRYPro protectors create a snug-fitting vacuum seal that protects in both freshwater and saltwater environments. It is so air-tight and waterproof it can’t even be pulled off!

Features include:

  • Vacuum sealed, tested technology, guarantees a dry cast or bandage
  • Safe in saltwater and freshwater environments.
  • Airtight prevents the cover from slipping off. (It can’t even be pulled off!)
  • 90 day guarantee
  • Durable surgical rubber that won’t rip or tear
  • Non-skid grid to prevent slipping
  • Trusted nationwide and internationally
  • Made in the USA

DryPro Arm Protector

Don’t let an arm injury stop you from enjoying the water! The DRY Pro™ Arm Protector allows you to go in the water even with a broken bone or bandage thanks to a snug-fitting vacuum seal... Learn More

DryPro Leg Protector

Don’t let a leg injury stop you from enjoying the water Dry Pro™ by Dry Corp has specialized in keeping your cast dry since 1999 with its patented watertight vacuum seal. While the Dry... Learn More

DryPro Waterproof PICC Line Cover

Now with new and improved material! Introducing the new Latex Free Dry Pro™ for PICC lines! If you have a PICC (Peripherally inserted central catheter), then you know the area around where the... Learn More

DryPro Waterproof Ostomy Protector

Simple to Use! Dry Pro™ is the only ostomy protector with the watertight vacuum seal. The Dry Pro™ fits snug yet comfortable during a shower, a bath and even an active swim. Unlike... Learn More

DryPro Waterproof Prosthetic Leg Cover

The Dry Pro™ is the only prosthesis protector with the patented watertight vacuum seal.  The Dry Pro™ fits snug yet comfortable during a shower, a bath and even an active swim.... Learn More

Probiotic Cast Relief

Want to relieve itching under a cast or splint? You’re in luck! DryPro is launching a NEW Probiotic Cast Relief – lasting relief for your itchy, smelly cast! Cast Relief™ is... Learn More