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Silvalea Spica Sling

Silvalea Spica Sling


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A divided leg lateral transfer sling with hinged back section for raising/lowering patient back position as required. Manufactured with a removable torso supporting plastic back board.The Spica sling was initially designed and developed for use with those patients who have a Spica hip cast, however is now widely used in orthopaedic departments for patients with a range of orthopaedic surgeries and provision can be made for a stabilising broomstick.

Featuring comfortable padding throughout, a wipeable, Dartex lining and supplied with removable neck roll and waist support. All tapes are fully adjustable.

Available in one material type: Polyester and Dartex® - Easy application. Glides and slides smoothly, dries quickly after washing. (Dartex lining)

Wash at 71°C & Tumble dry low heat (max 50°C)


  • Transfer Type Bathing, Emergency transfer, General transfer & Transfer from floor
  • Lift Type Active, Passive & Extensive
  • Support Type Full body, Head & Leg
  • Attachment Type Loop fixing spreader bar
  • User Physicality Active alert and able to participate, Chronic pain, Limited body control, Limited head trunk and hip control  & Limited mobility
  • Sizing XSmall - Large
  • Weight Limit 220kgs/35stone/485lbs
  • Mobility FIM Measure 1 & 2
  • Available Material Polyester and Dartex

Sizing Guide

(Shoulder Circumference)
(Full Height)
(Inside Leg Length)
XSmall 70 - 90cm 85 - 102cm 52 - 63cm
Small 80 - 100cm 102 - 127cm 63 - 77cm
Medium 100 - 120cm 127 - 176cm 77 - 91cm
Large 110 - 130cm 176 - 183cm 89 - 102cm



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