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silvalea Soft Pivot Disc

silvalea Soft Pivot Disc


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Soft pivot disc for seated transfers from seated to seated such as a car to wheelchair for those with pivoting or rotation difficulties.

Can be used either with assistance or un-assisted for seated transfers depending on the upper body stability/strength of the end user. Ideal for homecare use this is an incredibly useful aid that when used in connection with other transfer aids (patient belts, slide sheets, and transfer boards), aids caregiver and end user alike.

Manufactured using a layer of low friction material with a central pivot creates ease of rotation and non-slip material affixed to the base of the disc prevents the disc from slipping on the chair, meaning movement only occours where it is needed.

Available in one material type: Quilted Polyester

Wash at 40°C & Do not tumble dry


  • Transfer Type Seated to seated
  • Lift Type Active
  • User Physicality Active alert and able to participate, Limited mobility, Not suitable for poor skin integrity issues & Some weight bearing ability
  • Sizing Small - 36cm & Large - 41cm
  • Mobility FIM Measure 1 & 4
  • Available Material Quilted Polyester

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